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I remember Brenda Jones driving Pat O'Day's MISS KYYX in the early 1980s and have often wondered about her racing background.  Was she at all successful in her brief Unlimited career?  What became of her after the MISS KYYX retired? - Robert Luxton & Brian LaChapelle
Brenda Jones raced Unlimiteds from 1981 to 1983. The highlight of her career was her victory in Heat 2-A of the 1982 Emerald Cup on Seattle's Lake Washington. (She piloted MISS KYYX at an average speed of 102.009, compared to 97.568 for second-place TEMPUS with Jack Schafer, Jr.)
Ms. Jones also won the Consolation Heat at the 1982 Circus Circus Regatta in San Diego with the Allison-powered MISS KYYX.
Owner Pat O'Day recruited Brenda to be the first--and, to date, the only--woman to drive an Unlimited hydroplane in competition during the post-World War II era.
She was an accomplished gymnast and was married to the late Alan "Captain America" Jones, who was something of a physical fitness guru in the Pacific Northwest at the time.
Brenda arrived on the Unlimited scene with no previous boat racing experience--aside from a few Limited heats, as required by Unlimited rules, in the spring of 1981.
Following the retirement of the O'Day racing team, Brenda Jones faded from the sport. She did, however, take a test run in Al Thoreson's THOR RACING U-7 a few years later at San Diego.

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